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Mountain cliffs seemed launched straight into the blue sky, deep dark forests with light green islands of fields and blue eyes of lakes, boiling-looking but ice cold rivers and blue smoke of tourists’ fire – all this is the spirit of Ukrainian Carpathians. Though, it’s not only about wild and beautiful nature – Carpathians is a unique cultural region where contemporary way of living reveals thousands year-old folk traditions and rituals.

Slavske is the heart of Boykivshchyna region, a place that welcomes real connoisseurs of beauty, people who desire to feel themselves part of this wonderful world anytime during any season. Slavske is situated in the beautiful valley of the Opir river – land full of legends – local people still know whereabouts of old Drevlian tribe prince Sviatoslav’s grave, a prince who died in the battle over here in 1015.

Slavske region is known from its ideal ecological purity, there’s no production facility that emits any kind of pollutions in the radius of 100 km. Well developed railways infrastructure – trains from all over Ukraine, as well as Russia, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria arrive there. In addition, local auto transport is easily available and reliable. But above all, Slavske is a real paradise on Earth due to its natural beauty.

From the moment I arrived there for the first time I can’t imagine myself out of this paradise. I have found myself in the Carpathians, in the place where my very life got completely new sense, out of cities, rush and noise. Here one can breath freely not only due to the clean air, but also because people around are honest and frank. There is no place for dark side emotions, because the nature itself is the best judge.

Hiking in the mountains and forests, horse and bike riding, or winter time downhill skiing followed by the warm lodge with tasty natural food and hot sauna – this is my happiness formula. My desire to share this happiness with the others got impersonated into the idea of providing the best standard service to everybody who’d like to visit this beautiful Carpathian place. If you prefer green mountain tourism, ‘4 Seasons’ lodge is what you need.

My lodge is located in 105 Shevchenka St., on the way to Lavochne village and Trostian mount. Please stop by, better yet park your car in our parking lot and visit us. ‘4 Seasons’ lodge was hand crafted from the best timber by the best local craftsmen. This family-type lodge can accommodate up to 10 guests. There are three levels. In the first one – skiing equipment storage, shower, WC, sauna and relaxation room.

Staircase both from inside and outside lead to the second level where another shower and WC are located. Besides, comfortable living room with a fireplace, digital sat TV, stereo. Fully furnished kitchen with all necessary modern appliances, as well as traditional Ukrainian wood stow, where chef cooks tasty Ukrainian food, or anything else you’d like to, including complete New Year or birthday party.

In the third level there are 4 bedrooms decorated for the 4 seasons. They are all different-sized. ‘Winter’ has one double and one single bed. ‘Autumn’ is a two-room suite, a double bed in one room and 2 single ones in the second. ‘Spring’ and ‘Summer’ have one double bed each. Sat TV in every room.

From the living room you can get to a summer terrace, nearby there are children’s play yard, swimming pools, barbeque, ping-pong, volleyball (skating place in the winter). Car parking. This list isn’t complete, as the lodge is being constantly upgraded in order to provide maximum comfort level for our gests.

My 2004 spring upgrade plans include large swimming pool and a horse barn. Horses will be an addition to our lovely dog Fox and sheep Yashka.

By the way, from the summer of 2004, another nearby located lodge will be ready to welcome the ‘4 Seasons’ guests. It’s crafted by the best Ivano-Frankivsk craftsmen from the best timber, which makes staying there not just comfortable, but also very healthy. 6 comfortable bedrooms (suits) decorated in the Carpathian style. A terrace in every room, as well as shower, WC, sat TV and stereo. Comfortable living room with a fireplace. It also will be a large sauna with a pool, gym, billiard and lots of other things, which will ensure your best relax. This lodge will be able to accommodate up to 12-15 guests.

4 seasons like 4 moods of the nature, 4 states of the human soul. Here in Slavske they have a chance to merge in a perfect harmony.