About Slavsko

Slavske is the heart of Boykivshchyna region, a place that welcomes real connoisseurs of beauty, people who desire to feel themselves part of this wonderful world anytime during any season. Slavske is situated in the beautiful valley of the Opir river – land full of legends – local people still know whereabouts of old Drevlian tribe prince Sviatoslav’s grave, a prince who died in the battle over here in 1015.

Slavske region is known from its ideal ecological purity, there’s no production facility that emits any kind of pollutions in the radius of 100 km. Well developed railways infrastructure – trains from all over Ukraine, as well as Russia, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria arrive there. In addition, local auto transport is easily available and reliable. But above all, Slavske is a real paradise on Earth due to its natural beauty.