Summer in the Slavsko


Summer is for the wild forests, which hide numerous berries and mushrooms, singing birds and wild beasts. Summer rest in the “4S’ will fulfill everybody’s needs: depends on your mood or preferences you could hike in the mountains or forests, ride a mountain bike or a quarto cycle, go fishing or site seeing, visiting local folk culture museums or do some handicrafts shopping, or simply relax and get some sun tan by the swimming pool. For sporty people we have volleyball, basketball, ping-pong, mini golf, and billiard. You can spend your evenings partying by the fire, barbequing and watching falling stars. And who could resist horse riding? Actually, it’s no need to choose, I’m sure you’d like to try everything, and I’d be most happy helping you enjoying it. And in the lodge as always a sauna, tasty food and home-style comfort will be awaiting you.