Winter in the Slavsko


Winter is a real high season in Slavske. No surprise – Ukrainian downhill skiers’ Mecca Trostian mount is over here. 1,232 m. high, numerous and diverse slopes, unbelievable length of the skiing season on the northern slopes and convenient location made this mount a real legend. 7 ski lifts and different slopes can satisfy everyone – from a beginner to the Olympics champion. From November until mid-April the life is boiling here, one can really feel this unbelievable euphoria of life. 


Though, Slavsko is famous not just due to Trostian mount – modern 1,175 m. long Warsaw ski lift and 2,500 m. long slope. Many other mounts and slopes, like 500 m. long Politech, 700 m. long FMI, 800 m. long Dynamo and 700 m. long Pogar – all equipped with the ski lifts of course. Number of new lifts under construction.

In the 4S you can rent any skiing equipment, a transfer to/from any slope you like is provided. Experienced instructors for the beginners. Besides, snowmobiles riding is a real fun.