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Walk in ATV

In our hearts, each of us has a secret desire for adventure. This is a wonderful extreme holiday for people who know the taste of life! Only a strong spirit with a thirst for new sensations can sit behind the wheel of a powerful ATV.

Here at the “Four Seasons” you can dive into the endless spaces of Carpathian nature.

The routes are predetermined and you will be accompanied by a coach. In case you have never ridden a four-wheeler an experienced coach will teach you how to manage the vehicle which will minimize the risks and fears associated with this sort of endeavour.

Everyone deserves to be a driver of this fearless vehicle at least once. A release of adrenaline and an unforgettable pastime are guaranteed, and everything else will be taken care of by the cottage “4 Seasons“.


ATV trips:

●      Mt. Ilza, route 1

●      Mt. Ilza, route 2

●      Mt. Ilza to Volosyanka village

●      Lake Khaschovan

●      Mt. Pisana

●      Mt. Trostyan

●      Mt. Makivka

●      Shipit Falls

●      Lake Synevir


ATV control rules